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WA Technology

WA Technology

WA Technology Corporation (formerly AID Corporation) is focused in the process and power industries, and represents GP Strategies™ in Korea. WA Technology brings strong capabilities in real-time, historian-based applications and helps power and process clients improve the efficiency of their operations. WA Technology has expertise in EtaPRO™ and provides ongoing technical support for our customers in Korea, ensuring that they are maximizing their use of their GP Strategies and real-time application technologies.



GP Strategies and INERCO (Seville, Spain) formed a strategic alliance in 2011 to help clients optimize fuel costs and reduce emissions. INERCO, a leading European technology company, provides power and refining facilities with advanced combustion control technologies to optimize fuel costs and further reduce NOx and greenhouse gases.

By combining newly developed EtaPRO Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR) technologies with INERCO’s combustion optimization technologies, customers are able to more precisely control the combustion process throughout the unit’s operating range. This provides real-time measurements of key process variables to enable operators to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize emissions.

OSIsoft, Inc.


GP Strategies and OSIsoft began working together in 1994, with GP Strategies becoming an OEM partner in 1998. GP Strategies became a Data Partner and adopted OSIsoft’s ECHO OEM technology in 2003. We participate in v-Campus and we continue to utilize customer-provided PI Systems with our EtaPRO System. Learn more at



CARE-Gen (北京凯尔京能源环保科技有限责任公司), based in Beijing, China, is a trusted partner of GP Strategies. CARE-Gen was founded by a former GP Strategies employee with 10 years of experience in EtaPRO™ technologies. Utilizing our deep connections with China’s energy industry, we work closely with GP Strategies to implement state-of-the-art online monitoring technology in some of China’s largest power plants, to improve their operational performance and reliability. To learn more visit

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