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Anomaly Detection: EtaPRO APR
Advanced Pattern Recognition

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EtaPRO APR is a component of the EtaPRO Performance & Condition Monitoring System leveraging advanced pattern recognition as an early warning system for power plant equipment anomaly detection.

One of the most significant expenses in the operation and maintenance of power generation plants is unplanned and corrective maintenance. Statistics from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) indicate that a single plant can realize savings of $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year from early warning of impending equipment failure and successful crisis prevention.

EtaPRO APR uses advanced pattern recognition technology to detect even the most subtle, slowly developing anomalies in plant or equipment conditions so you can respond more proactively to your equipment’s needs. EtaPRO APR continuously compares current equipment data to detailed empirical models of “normal” data, resulting in a highly effective means of tracking equipment health parameters such as shaft vibration and bearing temperatures so you can:

  • Avoid unplanned outages
  • Reduce damage to your equipment
  • Shorten repair times
  • Repair damage proactively at an economically advantageous time
  • Optimize revenue

The power of EtaPRO and EtaPRO APR can be further extended with the integration of VirtualPlant™ thermodynamic modeling and EtaPRO Predictor rotordynamic machinery diagnostics to create a complete picture of system health and help you identify and diagnose the root cause of system abnormalities so you address abnormalities before they become costly problems.

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