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EtaPRO is an efficiency-productivity tool for power generation plants. Efficiency is improved and maintained since your plant staff will know on a minute-to-minute basis how much power and steam should be generated for current ambient and operating conditions.

While EtaPRO alone can help you improve the performance and profitability of your Rankine cycle or combined cycle power generation plant, its integration with other GP Strategies products greatly extends the capability of your overall performance monitoring process.

  • VirtualPlant™ thermodynamic modeling technology informs plant operations workers on a real-time basis as to where power and/or steam are lost and where heat rate is increased for different plant equipment.
  • EtaPRO APR uses advanced pattern recognition technology to detect anomalies in plant or equipment conditions and provide early warning of equipment failure.
  • EtaPRO Predictor™ software automatically analyzes and diagnoses reliability problems with rotating and key stationary components by analyzing machinery vibrations.
  • EtaPRO Archive™ EtaPRO Archive is EtaPRO’s embedded, high-speed data historian capable of storing all your EtaPRO results as well as process data.
EtaPRO Systems

Individually each component of the EtaPRO system provides valuable risk management data to ensure the efficiency and protection of your equipment. Together they comprise a holistic performance and condition monitoring system that will keep your plant operating at peak availability and profitability.

Increase the efficiency of your staff as well.

EtaPRO also raises staff productivity by automating routine calculation and reporting tasks. Now your operations and engineering professionals can quickly display, trend, alert, diagnose, and report plant performance. Features that come with EtaPRO are:

  • EPTrendSetter™—provides many advanced features for simultaneous plotting of multiple data points, application of stead-state and/or range filters, regression of plotted data, and for the investigation of the relationship between two points as a start to the process of creating a new asset pattern.
  • EPReporter™—used to manage the user-created historical EPReports of the EtaPRO data stored in the historian. EPReports are created in Microsoft Excel using the EtaPRO Excel Add-in.
  • EPLog™—designed to replace any type of written log used at your plant and allow you to efficiently collect and distribute this information to anyone who needs it.
  • EPAlert™—allows you to provide notification of a specific event, based on user-defined criteria. When an alert condition is detected, or a time-driven event is triggered, notification is sent by email to mobile device email account, and a report is generated and delivered per distribution settings for the report.
  • EPArchive™—collects and stores plant performance and equipment activity. Functions as the plant historian.

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