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Vibration Pattern Recognition: EtaPro ViPR

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EtaPRO ViPR uniquely combines advanced pattern recognition with real-time vibration spectrum analysis to detect machinery faults in their very early stages. EtaPRO ViPR extends the proven benefits of vibration spectral analysis beyond the machinery specialist to routine plant operations.

EtaPRO ViPR detects memory faults at an earlier stage

Monitor the Balance of Plant Equipment Wirelessly

EtaPRO ViPR receives wireless vibration spectral data directly from the transducer and alerts on specific machinery faults for pumps, fans, compressors, and other rotating equipment. Vibration signatures are stored long term for ad hoc analysis and trending.

Quickly Diagnose Plant Problems

EtaPRO’s proven diagnostic engine has been completely revised to provide full integration with VirtualPlant™, EtaPRO™ APR, and EtaPRO ViPR results. Diagnostic routines can run interactively or automatically online with diagnostic messages sent via email, EPReporter™, or EPLog™.

Combine EtaPRO ViPR’s vibration pattern recognition capabilities with the thermodynamic performance diagnostics of our VirtualPlant software, and you have a comprehensive solution for determining real-time equipment health to maximize plant performance in reliability and efficiency.

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