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VirtualPlant software is a powerful thermodynamic modeling product for assessing power plant performance. With VirtualPlant, you can quickly and easily build first principles models of conventional fossil and combined cycle power plants that work directly with existing EtaPRO systems. The models are used to validate measured data, calculate expected component performance based upon actual operating conditions, recommend optimum set points to maximize profitability, and simulate off-line “what-if” analyses.

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Simulate “what-if” scenarios to optimize your plant.

VirtualPlant can be utilized in both off-line “interactive” and on-line “real-time” modes. In the off-line mode, plant operations personnel engineers, and planners are provided with a user-friendly tool to perform detailed “what-if” mass and energy balances of their power plant cycles. Model results include generation and heat rate, as well as mass flows and state point details to facilitate evaluation of conceptual changes in operating and equipment condition parameters.

In the on-line mode, VirtualPlant models may be automatically executed with live inputs from the EtaPRO system.

“With EtaPRO VirtualPlant, we’re able to run various parametric studies in a matter of minutes. Being able to run through hundreds of modeling scenarios with such ease has given us the ability to plan more effectively. What a great tool!”

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