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Power generating plants face numerous challenges in today’s volatile market: rising fuel costs, increased environmental regulation, difficulty attracting qualified technical personnel, and “brain drain” due to an aging workforce.

By utilizing GP Strategies’ technology, there are different answers to these modern obstacles. EtaPRO Performance and Condition Monitoring System software and GPiLERAN™’s web-based training are two options that can assist you to combat them and better your plant’s performance. Through the EtaPRO products, you also have the option of EtaPRO Remote.

Feel secure with our dedicated monitoring & diagnostic center.

GP Strategies’ Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Center is designed to support power plants, including those without existing performance monitoring capabilities that have a limited engineering staff. In today’s lean workforce environment, power plant personnel find themselves continually responding to critical events.

GP Strategies remote monitoring and notification service includes the following:
  • Continuous monitoring, M-F, 8:30 AM through 5:00 PM CT, with timely notification of deviations in KPIs (listed below)
  • Detection and notification of faulty performance-related instrumentation
  • Actual vs. expected heat rate
  • KPI alerts and notification summary
  • Capacity reconciliation
  • Component level expected vs. actual capacity deviations
  • Heat rate reconciliation
  • Component level expected vs. actual efficiency deviations
  • Primary flow reconciliation
  • Feedwater vs. main steam/throttle flow deviations
  • Controllable parameter expected vs. actual cost deviations
  • “Lost opportunity” report summarizing all financial opportunities not reconciled
  • Rotating machinery diagnostics

Failing to detect these events before they become mission critical is inversely proportional to the engineering workforce’s dedicated time and ability to monitor plant and condition performance.

GP Strategies’ FastStart™ service, available for new and existing EtaPRO customers, is designed to get your workforce involved with EtaPRO’s monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, so your company maximizes the value EtaPRO provides. Today’s power plants integrate complex, interrelated systems operating under restrictive emissions and operating limits. The engineers, operators, and maintenance staff need tools that simplify and prioritize information flow, providing them with actionable knowledge.

Engage your staff in achieving genuine ROI.

GP Strategies’ FastStart is a collaborative process designed to eliminate hurdles. FastStart introduces plant personnel to the EtaPRO software, and identifies actual plant performance issues beginning with the first collaboration with the GP Strategies team. Through FastStart, GP and your plant staff use EtaPRO’s capabilities to identify and quantify plant issues, and develop and implement solutions. The return on investment from EtaPRO begins immediately with the FastStart process. At the same time, the plant’s staff experiences first-hand the value EtaPRO provides.

Rely on our knowledgeable and professional staff.

Collaboratively, GP Strategies transfers our EtaPRO expertise and performance knowledge to your plant staff. This results in staff that have already achieved positive results, made system improvements, received personal recognition for improving the plant, and are capable of using the EtaPRO toolset.

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