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Equipment Troubleshooting

GP Strategies provides on-site performance engineering services to diagnose the root causes of equipment problems. Typical projects include evaluation and resolution of boiler combustion problems, ESP collection efficiency problems, turbine capacity deratings, condenser performance, boiler feed pump capacity limitations, and feedwater heater performance problems. GP Strategies also conducts thermal performance audits to assess equipment deficiencies within the plant cycle to help you optimize the distribution of the limited maintenance and capital budget dollars.

Expert Witness Services

GP Strategies provides expert witnesses in the areas of plant operation and maintenance, equipment performance shortfalls, machinery/equipment failures, contract interpretations, and plant commissioning. GP Strategies’ subject matter experts bring unique perspectives to seemingly intractable problems. Our insight and experience often results in avoiding protracted disagreements and costly litigation between parties.

Machinery Diagnostics

Plant owners and operators want to know when their plants are at risk due to incipient failure, how to avoid the failure, and how long they have to take action before it becomes critical. EtaPRO Predictor™, with AutoDiagnosis™ technology, provides unprecedented early detection and diagnosis of faults in gas and steam turbines, generators, pumps, fans, compressors, and other critical rotating machinery.

VirtualPlant Thermal Audit

The objective of a thermal audit is to cost-effectively determine, with reasonable accuracy, the current condition of major components in a power plant, as well as to quantify lost generating capacity due to degradation in equipment performance.

GP Strategies uses our VirtualPlant technology to gain insight into the way your plant is operating and to detect and quantify performance deviations down to the component level. The thermal audit is a cost-effective method to evaluate the condition of a generating unit using existing plant instrumentation. A properly conducted thermal audit will provide most of the information usually obtained by performing a traditional unit heat rate test, but at a fraction of the cost.

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