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With more focus on fuel costs, and less personnel on site, a GP Strategies performance test can establish a baseline that you can use to prioritize limited capital funding to achieve the most “bang for the buck.” From routine testing to full-scale ASME/ISO/DIN acceptance tests, GP Strategies can assess the performance of all types of equipment, as well as your overall plant, whether new or existing.

GP Strategies’ highly qualified performance engineers, many of whom serve on ASME and International Test Standards committees, will identify any flaws in the efficiency and capacity of the plant and recommend improvements for recovery. Our performance test results can help you:

  • Identify losses
    • Establish a baseline for major equipment
    • Provide comparison to future tests
    • Benchmark at start-up or after major upgrades
    • Diagnose performance degradation
    • Locate operating problems in a system or component
  • Quantify losses
    • Determine lost generation: determine availability, reliability, profitability, plus reduce unit stresses
    • Measure increased heat rate
    • Identify reason for increased operating costs
  • Prevent future losses
    • Develop predictive maintenance programs
    • Minimize controllable losses
    • Optimize unit operation

Leverage our engineering expertise to optimize your plant.

At GP Strategies, our team of optimization experts utilizes their years of field experience and advanced knowledge of power plant heat transfer and thermodynamics to troubleshoot, diagnose, and optimize plant equipment and systems. Our scope of engineering knowledge covers all the major equipment and systems in a power plant. Our experience includes:

  • Numerous warranty tests of power plants all over the globe.
  • Executing power purchase agreement or net dependable capacity (NDC) tests. If tests are required to be carried out with temporary high precision instrumentation, GP Strategies will install these test instruments on site and verify the performance. Our instrumentations are calibrated to the highest standard and comply with NIST and other traceable organizations such as UKAS.
  • Providing test procedures to the power plant owners for gas turbines, steam turbines and boilers in instances where the engineering procurement construction (EPC) contract precludes the original equipment supplier to submit the test procedures. This provides the owners with a complete independent and an unbiased service. Results obtained during the performance tests can be modeled using GP Strategies proprietary VirtualPlant™ software to check the performance at site reference conditions or any other off design conditions. Data collected during the tests are used to determine how performance can impact the entire plant using a detailed plant heat balance model to properly consider the interaction of boiler and turbine cycle components.
  • Acting as owner’s engineers, witnessing tests, and carrying out independent evaluations. GP Strategies has also acted as independent arbitrators and expert witnesses for original equipment suppliers and plant owners.

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