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Training: The Performance Knowledge™ Series

GP Strategies’ energy service group knows power plants and wants to help you increase overall performance by offering a continued education process. The Performance Knowledge Series includes heat rate improvement courses that provide an understanding of the concepts behind fossil and combined cycle performance improvement to maximize the output of a power plant.

We are able to customize each of our power plant short courses to the needs of your plant. Individuals are strongly encourage to check with their regulatory boards to confirm the PDHs (professional development hours) issued for courses taken from GP Strategies, a PIE, and NERC Authorized Provider, will be accepted by that entity.

Open Enrollment Course Schedule

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2018 Courses
Combined Cycle Plant Performance
01/30/2018 – 02/01/2018 Tampa, FL
07/25/2018 – 07/25/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
Combined Cycle Fundamentals
02/05/2018 – 02/09/2018 Houston, TX
08/06/2018 – 08/10/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
Advanced EtaPRO™ APR and VirtualPlant™ Workshops
05/14/2018 – 05/16/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
07/16/2018 – 07/18/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
09/17/2018 – 09/19/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
Fundamentals of Power Plant Performance for Utility Engineers
06/18/2018 – 06/22/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
09/17/2018 – 09/21/2018 Denver, Colorado
Advanced Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting for Power Plants
06/18/2018 – 06/22/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
09/17/2018 – 09/21/2018 Denver, Colorado
Heat Rate Awareness
07/23/2018 – 07/25/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
Simulator-Based Combined Cycle Plant Operations
08/20/2018 – 08/24/2018 Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY

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