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EtaPRO serves as a “health condition monitor” for power generation plants. Your plant staff will know on a minute-to-minute basis how much power and steam should be generated given the ambient conditions and the amount of fuel being burned. EtaPRO tells the plant operations where power and/or steam are lost and where heat rate is increased for different plant equipment. This system provides the tools to display, trend, alarm, archive, diagnose, “what-if”, log electronically, and report automatically the information desired by different plant users ranging from control room operators to plant managers.

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Achieve operational excellence of capital-intensive, high-risk facilities with GP Strategies’ EtaPRO System, the most comprehensive platform for performance and condition monitoring. Learn more about our comprehensive system including:

  1. Plant Data Collection & ArchivingEtaPRO provides real-time data collection, historical archiving, displays, reporting, logging, and basic alerting; serves as the foundation for advanced EtaPRO technologies.
  2. Thermal Performance MonitoringEtaPRO VirtualPlant™ provides actual and expected real-time and aggregate key performance indicators for overall plant and equipment (efficiencies and capacities). Models are based on first engineering principles where mass and energy are conserved.
  3. Process Anomaly DetectionEtaPRO APR continuously monitors real-time data using advanced pattern recognition algorithms to detect plant and equipment anomalies and applies “management-by-exception” methods to focus plant staff on critical issues. Empirical models are based on historical data.
  4. Equipment Condition MonitoringEtaPRO Predictor™ provides early warning of equipment failure using advanced real-time machinery vibration monitoring and AutoDiagnosis™ techniques (continuous vibration signature analysis, fault symptom detection, and forecasting).
  5. Vibration Pattern Recognition EtaPRO ViPR™ uniquely combines advanced pattern recognition with real-time vibration spectrum analysis to detect machinery faults in their very early stages.
EtaPRO Platform:EtaPRO, EtaPRO APR, EtaPRO Predictor, EtaPRO VirtualPlant

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