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EtaPRO® Monitoring & Diagnostic Center

EtaPRO® Monitoring & Diagnostic CenterInnovative Asset Monitoring Solutions Set a Whole New Standard in Plant Performance & Reliability Core Services and Deliverables The EtaPRO M&D Center helps our customers leverage the value of their EtaPRO investment with dedicated monitoring services and expert advice. Working hand-in-hand with plant staff, our team provides daily anomaly advisories, issue…


EtaPRO Monitoring & Diagnostics Center

The EtaPRO M&D Center and its team of engineers and operations specialists have been supporting customers with our experienced power plant subject matter experts who monitor, diagnose, and analyze plant performance and operational integrity. The EtaPRO M&D Center which offers both remote monitoring and staffed assistance helps you improve the performance of fleet.


EtaPRO M&D Center Improves Plant Performance and Reliability

The EtaPRO® Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Center is designed to support power plants, including those without existing performance monitoring capabilities that have a limited engineering staff. In today’s lean workforce environment, power plant personnel find themselves continually responding to critical events. Failing to detect these events before they become mission critical is inversely proportional to…



Serving The Hydro Enterprise EtaPRO provides you valuable insights on the performance and equipment condition of your entire hydro enterprise. Large or small, trust EtaPRO to help you maximize output and reliability. Operations Operations gains insights on energy, shift reporting, trending, and logging so they can run an efficient plant. Management EtaPRO’s digital technologies provide…



Serving The Nuclear Enterprise EtaPRO® is a real-time monitoring platform for maximizing nuclear plant electrical power output through anomaly detection, real-time KPI’s, and early warning of off-normal equipment condition. Operations EtaPRO APR detects plant and equipment in their early stages to avoid power output degradation. Management Receive automated notifications of critical plant issues. View real-time…


EtaPRO Solution Brochure

EtaPRO is a real-time performance and condition monitoring system that combines thermal performance, anomaly detection, and machinery dynamics to maintain the health of your plant and equipment. A high-speed data historian, on-line log book, report and alert engines round out the Industry’s premier platform for improving plant availability, capacity, and efficiency.


EtaPRO Predictor Brochure

Detect rotating machinery faults earlier with EtaPRO Predictor. This technology detects rotating machinery faults at their earliest stages by automatically tracking changes in vibration signatures. It provides automated diagnosis of specific machinery faults such as misalignment, imbalance, rubbing, cavitation, and blade faults as well as a comprehensive history of diagnostic measurements such as spectral maps,…


EtaPRO APR Brochure

EtaPRO APR helps you recognize plant anomalies sooner. Using advanced pattern recognition, it provides highly granular process and equipment predictive models for identifying changes in condition before they become critical.


EtaPRO Virtual Plant

EtaPRO VirtualPlant, uses plant design information and first engineering principles to predict online and offline target performance, as well as forecast plant heat rate and capacity for market participation. Accurately predict best-achievable performance with this industry leading thermal performance software.


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