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EtaPRO® is a real-time monitoring platform for keeping equipment and facilities running efficiently and reliably through anomaly detection, real-time KPI’s, and early warning of equipment failure.


Operations gains insights on energy, shift reporting, trending, and logging so they can run an efficient plant.


Provide your management team the ability to monitor status across your fleet with dashboards, reporting, forecasting, and trending data.


Reduce time your  engineering team is spending on non-value added tasks by leveraging automated reports and information sent directly from EtaPRO  to their inbox.


Increase lead time for repairs and minimizes unplanned maintenance on your critical equipment such as gas or steam turbines.


EtaPRO VirtualPlant

Monitor heating and cooling performance effectively
Optimize performance through the use of a thermodynamic digital twin of your co-generation facility using EtaPRO VirtualPlant.

Establish realistic benchmarks for plant performance
Analyze plant performance problems, quantify the cost of equipment degradation, justify capital improvements, and validate test and operating data effectively with EtaPRO VirtualPlant.

Build first principles thermodynamic models of facility to perform "what-if" studies with EtaPRO VirtualPlant's Excel add-in.

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Smarter decision making for your operations, maintenance and engineering teams.
Early warning of problems and off-normal conditions help reduce unplanned and corrective maintenance on boilers, turbines, pumps, fans, heat exchanges, coolers, condensers and cooling towers before costs become significant.

Use empirical “digital-twin” data effectively
EtaPRO APR leverages historical data in EtaPRO Archive & other historian systems to provide early warning of off-normal operation.

Use advanced analytics to gather greater insights into your asset health with EtaPRO APR.

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EtaPRO Predictor

Improve availability and efficiency
EtaPRO Predictor provides fault detection, diagnosis and prognosis for rotating machines so you can keep them up and running during peak demand generation.

Maximize rotating equipment uptime
Forecast  time-to-action using EtaPRO Predictor’s patented AutoDiagnosis™ fault detection and conduct advanced diagnostics.

Use vibration analysis to gain prediction insights on rotating equipment to enhance day-to-day processes.
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EtaPRO Archive

Lower total cost of ownership
EtaPRO Archive stores all results generated by our technologies and makes them available to any end-user having the appropriate credentials for trending, analysis, and reporting.

Collect, enhance and transmit data in real time at any location.
Your industrial plant may have staff and  operations across multiple locations in multiple time zones.  Trust EtaPRO Archive to transmit critical  data to your entire fleet at any moment in time.

Keep track of your co-generation or industrial plant’s critical data with EtaPRO Archive.

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Principal Performance Engineer Midwestern Power Producer
EtaPRO®’s VirtualPlant is a lot easier and quicker to get results with than other programs I’ve used. I like the way I don’t have to make complex changes to model problems we commonly find in the plant. Plus, I don’t have to spend time relearning VirtualPlant every time I use it.
Plant engineer Midwest Coal Plant
EtaPRO APR identified an elevated bearing metal temperature on our steam turbine which had indicated a 10°F temperature increase following a one week outage. After inspection, we were able to prepare and replace the journal bearing before any major damage occurred to the shaft or other components and a potential unit trip avoided - saving an estimated $150,000.
Plant manager Hydro Plant, Southwest Europe
EtaPRO Predictor is like having a vibration specialist looking at my equipment 24-7. I find out about potential problems well before they become critical.
M&D Center Manager Multi-generation plant, Southwest US
Having EtaPRO Archive as the data historian for my EtaPRO system helped me avoid purchasing another historian for a new plant we brought on-line. It integrates smoothly with our existing technologies.


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