EtapPRO helps identify losses and recommends an appropriate course of action.
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EtaPRO™ Performance & Condition Monitoring

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GP Strategies EtaPRO Performance & Condition Monitoring System helps improve the performance and profitability of your fossil or renewable energy power plant, oil and gas refinery, and production plant.

EtaPRO provides a wide-realm of functions to improve plant availability, capacity, and efficiency while avoiding unplanned outages. EtaPRO features:

  • Plant Data Collection and Archiving
  • Thermal Performance Monitoring
  • Process Anomaly Detection
  • Equipment Condition Monitoring
  • Vibration Pattern Recognition

The EtaPRO Monitoring and Diagnostic Center is a solution for plants who are challenged with lean resources and information overload. We help some of the world’s leading power generation companies monitor their combined-cycle, Rankine cycle, solar, wind turbine, and hydro plants from the EtaPRO M&D Center, keeping them on top of plant performance.

Joe Nasal, Senior Vice President of the Energy Services Group - The Future of Condition and Performance Monitoring (2:25)

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EtaPRO logo

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